Fish School Webcam


The Fish School webcam shows Comet, the world's smartest common goldfish, along with his sidekick Brainiac, swimming around their tank, and demonstrating tricks during twice daily training sessions.

The camera shows about half the tank, so if you don't see Comet or Brainic right away, be patient - they'll swim by the camera eventually!  The webcam is on-line most of the time, but the tank light is off between 10pm and 6am to give the stars a break, and a little privacy.

Training session times vary from day to day, but are typically around 6am and 9pm Eastern time. The clock behind the tank shows the current local time and the approximate time of the next live show.

Live Streaming Webcam
Live Streaming Webcam - by Camstreams

If you happen to stop by between shows, you are still in luck. You can watch a previously recorded training session. It shows Comet doing his favorite tricks, including chimney, limbo, slalom, soccer, football and fetch. Notice my use of the feeding wand to reward Comet when he does a trick. It is all about positive reinforcement!
Recorded Training Session