Fish School Testimonials


Here are just a few of the positive comments we've got from people everywhere about the remarkable results that are possible with the Fish School Training System:

Even if they never get as smart as Albert is, I want to thank you for turning me on to them. I had no idea that I would enjoy these little fish as much as I do. They really do have personalities. - Kathy, OR

I am simply amazed at what fish can learn. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! - Bill, PA

The eBook is very informative AND entertaining. I love the pictures of the fish - my kids did too! - Shelly, NC

I've slowly taught my Oscars to jump all the way out of the water for food. I started them at 1 inch, and every week or two moved higher and higher. - Carla, FL

The soccer video is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! - Trent, MA

I bought if for a gift for my husband, who loves fish. He really got a kick out of it! Thanks! - Donna, VA

In just a couple weeks I've got my tetras eating out of my hand - even the very skittish female. This is sooo cool! - Joel, MI

I bought the complete training system for a school science project. So far my goldfish is learning well. I'm hoping to take first place! - Andrew, WV

I always knew that Indigo my Betta was smart, but nobody believed me. Now I have proof! - Kevin, LA

Getting fish to swim through a hoop is amazing!! Very cool... - Terry, PA

My kids thought fish were boring, and wanted a "real" pet like a cat or dog. Fish School got them excited about our fish and saved me a lot of hassle. Thank you! - Sandra, OR

Fan-TAS-tic!!! I've been able to train my pet Oscar with these techniques. - Brenda, CA

Wow, I'm very impressed with the results! - Rahul, NV

I was so impressed with the ebook, I came back the next day and ordered the complete system - The soccer goal and ball are so cute! - John, WA

I am astonished at what fish can learn using your training system. - Sarah, NJ

Thanks Dean! You are AWESOME....Fantastic customer service! - Fletcher, AR

This shows most fish are intelligent and can be trained with food. That's pretty cool! - Michael, BC

I've been amazed at what fish can do and learn. They really can be very interesting pets that are fun to interact with, not just watch! - John, PA

I bought your system as a joke for a friend. But you know this stuff is really cool! I kept it for myself and bought another one for him! Now we're both training our goldfish. I think mine is smarter though... - Fred, BC

May I say that is the coolest thing ever! - Joan, AZ

I wish more people recognized how intelligent fish are.  Maybe then, they'd be treated better. Your system will definitely help! - Monica, NH

My betta has learned to fetch. She will push a floating object from one side of the tank to the other. Very neat! - Francis, GA

This is just the cutest thing ever!! - Frank, NY

My gourami has learned to take flakes directly from my hand and stick it right into his mouth. He's so cute! - Morris, VA

It is amazing that your fish can do this! - Gary, NY

People agree that fish really can learn, and the results of the Fish School Training System are quite astonishing.  Check out this Review of the Fish School Training System by one of our satisfied customers, Rosemary Amey on her blog called Compassion Fashion. Scroll down to see the entry on Fish School.

You can learn more about the fascinating history of Fish School, how it works, and what people are saying about it on several popular fish forum sites.

If you'd rather listen than read about fish training, you can hear the 30-minute interview of the father and son team who invented Fish School on the popular internet radio program Pet Fish Talk, or a regular radio interview (3min), or TV news interview.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words - see for yourself from these photos and videos of Fish School graduates in action.