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Believe it or not, it is easy and fun to teach your pet fish to swim through hoops and tunnels, do the limbo, eat from your hand - even play soccer! This is NOT a joke. You can do it yourself, using the new R2 Fish School Training Kit.

Chimney TrickWant proof? See photos & videos of Albert and other Fish School graduates in action. Albert is the fancy goldfish shown above playing soccer. He was trained with the Fish School system and he holds the Guinness World Record for "Fish with the largest repertoire of tricks." Don't miss Albert's television debut in an award-winning TV commercial for Axe deodorant

Or you can visit our live webcam, featuring Comet, a common goldfish who we're training to make a run at Albert's world record. So far he's learned to perform 9 incredible tricks - as you can see in the short video below.

And our training techniques don't just work for goldfish - they works for bettas, oscars, parrot cichlids, and more...

But don't take our word for it - see what others are saying about Fish School in places like Good Morning Americathe Seattle Times and the UK Daily Mirror.

Comet playing soccerLearn about how Fish School works and read the testimonials of people who've tried our fish training techniques themselves. Or read about the history of Fish School - even hear the theme song!

And don't forget to visit the Fish School Blog, to hear the latest news about the fascinating hobby of pet fish training. To talk about fish training with other fish training enthusiasts, check out the Fish School Discussion Forum.

 And the most exciting news of all, we've partnered with R2 Solutions to create the R2 Fish School Kit. This complete fish training system contains everything you need to teach your fish all these tricks. It will be available in February at retailers nationwide.  Please for media or customer inquiries.

Below is are two short videos of all the incredible tricks our latest and best Fish School graduate, a common goldfish named Comet, has learned to perform using the R2 Fish School Training Kit. Enjoy!