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Meet Albert Einstein, a three year-old calico fantail goldfish. Albert has learned some amazing tricks after a couple months in Fish School, as you can see below. In fact Albert is the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the fish with the most tricks!

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Albert is quite a ham, as you can seem from the starring role he plays in this highly acclaimed Axe Deodorant ad, It was a finalist in the Best TV Commercial category at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival in France. The young man in the video isn't his Dean or Kyle, his real trainers, but an actor whose age matches Axe's demographic. And it only took 4 weeks, not 6 months to train him like the it says in the ad!

Soccer1 Soccer2   
Albert plays soccer during recess from Fish School. Notice how he starts at half field, drives the ball towards the goal, shoots and scores. All without using hands OR feet - his head works just fine! YouTube Video

Eating From Hand Limbo Hoop

Like Albert, your fish will be eating right out of your hand  after Fish School training! YouTube Video

Albert can also do the limbo. How low can he go! YouTube Video

Albert swims through a hoop. He turns on his side to squeeze through - He's one determined fish! YouTube Video

Tunnel1 Tunnel2 Tunnel3
Albert swims through a long tunnel - Circus lions have nothing on him! YouTube Video

Football1  Football2

Football3 Football4

If you like football, Albert is happy to oblige! Here he shows off his running game.
   YouTube Video


Albert has also learned to play fetch, retrieving the ball from the bottom of his tank and nudging it back to his owner's waiting hand. Football fans might call it a hand-off! YouTube Video

Snow Hoop
Albino Oscars named Snow and Ice are also students in Fish School. Here they are practicing their hoop swimming. Both the fish and their owners are happy, as you can tell from the singing! YouTube Video

Snow Soccer1  Snow Soccer2  Snow Soccer3
Not to be outdone by Albert, Snow has learned soccer too. Notice how much bigger Snow is than Albert, relative to the same goal. In fact, notice Snow's soccer ball - we had to get an extra large one, so he wouldn't swallow it! YouTube Video

Bettas do particularly well in Fish School, as Sir Isaac Newton demonstrates after only one week of training!    

Last, but not least, check out the pictures and short demonstration video of all the incredible tricks our latest and best Fish School graduate, a common goldfish named Comet, has learned to perform using the
new R2 Fish School Training Kit. Enjoy!

Comet swimming through chimney Comet playing soccer Comet swimming through hoop 

The R2 Fish School Training Kit contains a 45-minute instructional DVD that shows step-by-step exactly how to train you own fish. Here are a few excerpts from the DVD. 

This clip of Comet learning the slalom trick is particularly impressive.

Finally, check out this video of Comet learning the limbo, complete with music. Pretty amazing - huh?!


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